Friday, 7 April 2017

I have made some changes

Lately, I have made some changes. Thank You, Lord! I have posted seven poems in Goal .. 4, called Euphemia. I have posted a collection of locuses in Clue, called Adrianne. And I have posted four hocuses in Clue, called Lucetta, put to the model of the prime idea. I have also posted something new in Norwegian. I have deleted Fancy, and I have removed my four+four epigram blogs from presentation on Prixnix. I have also worked a bit on the layout. I am happy with what I have done. One lesson is that I am not there that all I create is valuable. I may look back on epigrams I have written, and shake my head. So I must make some time between the creation to the posting, for to get a distance to the work. And a thing to worry about is the amount I post on Trixnix. I want Trixnix to be possible to grasp. But I believe what I have now posted is necessary for the sense of holiness.

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