Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I have put my signature on it

I remember days and nights and weeks of intensive work. To make the walls really got me occupied. That was the start. The work of getting all poetry collections in alphabetical order was exhausting. The work of getting the posting right on the two sites with namefames was exhausting. To make the scripts by which one can pick randomly was exhausting. And all the creative work by which I have made content! Arranging all the songs have been exhausting. Fantasifix I hardly remember having made. And all the poetry! I am incapacitated by medicines forced upon me. I cannot concentrate. I have been operated by the Lord, that must be quite clear, and I have put in effort which is beyond any sensibility. Since I, September the 14th 2015, began making the New Jerusalem, I have been working on it every day, 16 hours a day. Sundays I have gone through the work. Occasionally I have gone for a quick walk, in which I most often have made poems. I am satisfied. I believe I am finished. I don't want to work any more. And now I have put my signature on the work. Thank You, Lord! Trixnix will be complete in not so many days from now.

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