Saturday, 20 May 2017


Thank You, Lord! I believe Fantasifix is in order. I have made English motivational poems to all gods, except for the six governing the life cycle, and I have made some small changes to make the overview more clear. To make the poems was quite a job. I really feel aversion against work. I am incapacitated, physically, by the medicines forced upon me, and work is like going for days without rest and sleep. But the Lord has been looking after me, and I have managed.

Maybe now my work is completely finished. Maybe now I might do what I really feel for and what I will do, and that is to make pretty. Maybe now I am able to go off work and only draw. Maybe I am able to make a song from time to time, also. I enjoy listening to the ones I make. Maybe now I can focus on Prixnix.

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