Thursday, 12 April 2018

The way it goes

Satan really tried to make life intolerable to me. Not only did Satan try to kill me twice, by chemistry and by snake poison in my food and drink. I believe I will post a blog post to show what The Lord made me do to get it out of my body. Satan also contaminated my apartment in such a degree it looked like a garage. It is a good thing ai am militarily trained, so that ai am educated to work in a battle field. It is though incredible what ai have overcome. All credit to The Lord. Those things in my teeth are now dead. The chemistry killed the sensor. And the continual torture The Lord ended by sabotaging the functioning of the things. Last night ai experienced a kind of influence which gave me head ache. I believe that motive in Norway now has vanished. There are no adults left. Christ made them shadows.

Today ai have performed a lot of cleaning. I have tried to remove the contamination from closets, doors and bathroom. The doors made a turn from brownish to somewhat white. And the freezer in fact turned from brownish to white. Thank You, Lord!

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