Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Ai am fed up by Satan

Satan has really made life intolerable to me. Not only by destructing my nerve cells and by contaminating my apartment. Satan has also destructed the order in my belongings. My cellar was a mess, and still is. My tool coffin was terribly damaged, and still aI have work to do to order screws and nails, again, and get it right. When aI went through my leather tools, today, aI found a plastic tube and wood carving tools among them. Also, aI went through my sewing box, today, and it was chaos. And Satan has stolen a little red ambolt for making rings in fabrics. Imagine. Ai wonder how my binders look like, really. And what there have been removed, or put in. And aI wonder what aI will find when aI open the (few) boxes aI have in my cellar. By now aI have control of my apartment, aI think, except for the binders, but my cellar is of no control.

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