Saturday, 30 June 2018

Brain reading

Ai am absolutely confident the thinking of a being cannot be read, however way one tries. Thinking is not signals. And aI believe sight appears as signals in the brain, by the eye, from which focus it is possible to read if there are many receptors of those signals, making it possible to identify what is outstanding.

Ai told my dentist to change all my amalgan fillings to plastic in 2001, aI believe it was. That meant all my molars, from the front teeth and backwards, on any side, were opened. Later, it has appeared to me the dentist has been hypnotized. He is an excellent craftsman, and a friend of mine, from the past.

So, if my vision is read, aI am confident there is a scientific explanation to it. And aI am confident that if non-professionals tries to manipulate the brain by this kind of treatment, wanting to give thoughts, the manipulation will not be translated in the brain, and it will trigger headache.

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