Saturday, 9 June 2018


When aI was forced to take anti-psychotic medicine, aI was unable to ejaculate one to two weeks after the injection, and the amount of the ejaculation increased after that, until aI got a new shot, every fourth week. Ai was not much of a man. Ai am not a biologist, and aI don't know what in fact took place. It is obvious, though, an intermission was lamed. The power of getting at it was lamed. And when the effect of the medicines was like that in the periphery of the body, one can speculate what it did to my brain. Ai was never awake. It is evilness beyond imagination to force such treatment on a human being. The psychiatrists know the effect, even if they are not intelligent enough to know what takes place. The patient is suffocated, mentally. And killed.

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