Friday, 8 June 2018

This makes me bewildered

My battery driven tea-lights stop shining brightly within a couple of days. They do, if aI put them on my verandas, or in my apartment. One of my watches, which aI changed strap and lock on the other day, continually changes colour even if aI wear it inside of my apartment only. My leather jacket was contaminated several times after aI washed it, and aI dried it both inside my house and on my veranda. Yesterday, my keys were away for a couple of hours. Now, aI see a pair of blue trousers are stolen from me. And this happens after aI have made an attempt, by God, to keep entrance to my apartment open only for my children. Also, when aI speak to people aI believe are reborn, and who aI consider to be my children, they are obviously Satan driven by earphones. Ai don't get it. It gives me the impression aI have no chance. It gives me the impression God is not working in the world.

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